Friday, September 5, 2014

Easy Sweet Fried Plantains Recipe- Jamaican Cooking

This sweet fried plantains recipe is for people who have had fried plantains before but aren’t quite sure how to do it themselves at home. There is a secret to producing plantains that tastes just the way you like it. You have to select the right fruit.

This article will focus on how to make fried sweet plantains for dinner, breakfast, lunch or a snack. Whether you are buying the fruit or reaping it directly from the plant, you should ensure that it is completely yellow before you use it to produce this dish. Ike bananas, green plantains have a variety of uses in Jamaican cooking and I enjoy those as well.

Plantains grow in the tropics and the leaves and fruit have different medicinal benefits. You can find lots of information online about the medicinal uses of the plant. I am sure that you will find them helpful.

Yellow plantains are much sweeter than green plantains. If you like your fried plantains very sweet, wait until the plantains have a touch of brown at the ends before using them. If you like them firm with a hint of sweetness, use them as soon as the color changes from green to a light yellow.

Coconut oil is best for frying but olive oil or any other oil derived from plants will suffice. Do not slice the plantains too thinly or they will be difficult to turn in the oil. When you have finished frying them, you can sprinkle them with a little brown sugar. However this is not necessary. Use an absorbent paper towel to remove excess oil from the fried plantain slices.

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