Sunday, March 2, 2014

Genuine Japanese Dishes

Traditional Japanese dishes usually have pork, seafood or tofu as one of the ingredients. Fresh seafood is used in preparing Japanese dishes. The seafood can be cooked or raw.
Japanese food can be prepared in many different ways and includes yakimono, or grilled food and nimono, or simmered food. Ramen, udon and soba noodles as well as rice, are important in Japanese cuisine.
Jappajiru is a Japanese stew. The ingredients are turnips, carrots and cod.
Kaiyakimiso consists of scallops, and eggs seasoned in miso.
Soup Yakisoba
Soup yakisoba consists of pan fried noodles in soup.
Nokke-don consists of a bowl of rice, topped with different kinds of seafood, such as sashimi and salmon roe.
Tororo Soba
Soba noodles are noodles made of buckwheat. Tororo Soba consists of buckwheat noodles cooked with grated yam.
Yokan is bean paste jelly and is available at many shops in Japan which specialize in sweets.
Oyaki is a delicious bun stuffed with a variety of vegetables. Oyaki is served wrapped in a dough wrapper.
Negisoba is a dish of buckwheat noodles. Although Japanese food is usually eaten with chopsticks, negisoba is eaten with a leek, known as negi in Japanese.
Sake to Kinoko no Hoiru-Yaki
Sake to Kinoko no hoiru-Yaki is salmon, cooked with mushrooms and other vegetables in foil. The salmon is placed in the center of a square of greased foil and covered with the mushrooms and carrots. The package is sealed and steamed.

Hakozen soba
Hakozen soba-via Wikimedia, CCA 2.0 by Yusuke Kawasaki
Sauce Katsu-don
Sauce Katsu-don is a pork dish, consisting of a fried pork cutlet served with rice.
Towada Bara-yaki
Towada Bara-yaki is a beef dish. Beef ribs are cooked with onions and sweet soy sauce to make Towada Bara-yaki.
Boiled soybean milk is used to make yuba, so it is related to tofu. Thin layers of the skin of the boiled milk are used to make yuba. Several traditional Japanese dishes include yuba.
Mugitoro is a mixture of boiled rice and barley. The boiled grains are topped with grated yam.
Sanzoku-yaki is a chicken dish. To make sanzoku-yaki, chicken is marinated in garlic sauce, then coated with starch and deep fried.