Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water for Better Breath and Health

Dry mouth is one of the contributing factors of bad breath. Dry mouth encourages the growth of bacteria that can cause halitosis. Some of us can eliminate dry mouth by simply drinking more water.

However, many people have dry mouth because of underlying medical conditions, medication that they may be taking, and other issues. In this case, your doctor can help you to find alternative medication, treat diseases and conditions that can contribute to dry mouth, and even determine which foods are helping to remove moisture from the buccal cavity.
Cup of water and a rose on a silver plate by Francisco de Zurbaran
Cup of water and a rose on a silver plate by Francisco de Zurbaran, via Wikimedia, PD
There are some foods that we eat, such as turkey, that can be particularly dry. These take moisture from the mouth.

Ensure that you drink lots of water when having these foods. Don’t rely on wine or sugary drinks to moisten your mouth. These sometimes do more harm than good when it comes to keeping the mouth moist.

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. You may keep a thermos of cold water with you at your desk or in your car. This eliminates the need for you to get up and go get water from elsewhere when you want it. Make a habit of sipping a little water every thirty minutes or so.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. By then, your body is already running low and is sending you a signal that you have to drink some water. You don’t want to reach low levels and feel dehydrated and tired. Use a water bottle to keep water with you wherever you go.

If you really don’t like drinking water, try munching on crushed ice. This will also supply your body with water. Regular food, coconut water, water that is lightly flavored with natural fruit juice and fruits that are low in calories all act as sources of water. However nothing beats drinking water.
Making a habit of drinking it at certain times of the day, such as in the morning or at lunchtime, makes it easier for your body to get the water it requires. Also consider substituting water for soda, if you drink that often. You may also have water and fruit juice with your meals, instead of just fruit or fruit juice.

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